2018 Sea Turtle Patrol Resource Page

Welcome! We are getting ready for a new nesting season on the Upper Texas Coast!

When Checking IN/OUT: Please text the patrol phone: (409) 392-4260

All route calendars can be found here.

Patrol Potluck Sign Up
Click to see what people are bringing!

Patrol Log Online Submission
Pleas submit a patrol log after you complete your patrol shift.

Nest Photos
Photos from this season's nests

Parking Pass 
Please download and place in your dashboard when you park your car to patrol.

Patrol Route Information
The presentations and route information

UTV Training and Safety Presentation
Please be aware Adobe Flash is required to view this link.

UTV YouTube Channel
There are several videos for each location that will walk you through UTV use and operation.

2018 UTV Manual
PDF guide for UTV operations

2018 Contact Card
Important phone numbers you may need while on patrol.

Questions to Report
Guide to receiving reports from you and visitors.

Sea Turtle Track Guide
Short guide to identifying sea turtle nesting tracks in our area.

Backpack Supply List
Walking patrol backpack supply list.

Turtle Island Restoration Network Liability Waiver

Texas A&M University Liability Waiver

We are looking forward to an amazing season!

For additional information please contact:
Joanie Steinhaus Gulf of Mexico Program Director
Email: Joanie@SeaTurtles.Org

Theresa Morris Gulf Program Coordinator
Email: Theresa@tirn.net

Turtle Island Restoration Network- Gulf of Mexico
2228 Broadway, Galveston, TX 77550
Office: (409) 795-8426

To follow Texas A&M at Galveston updates on the Sea Turtle Patrol: